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How did this site come to life?

Hey there! I’m GD.

I’m a 30 something-year-old tech enthusiast who’s interest in tech goes back as far as I can remember. Growing up, family and friends always came to me with questions about computers, smartphones, and general tech.

They’d also ask for recommendations on which phone to get or which pair of headphones are the best for the money. I became known as the family Geek Squad.

After years of helping out people with, what I thought to be, simple troubleshooting questions, I figured why not create a website where I can help more people in similar situations.

And here we are!

I may not know everything there is about tech (let’s face it, humans will never know everything!) but I love to research and learn new and exciting things about it.

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This is Gifts 365 Tech‘s source of funding which helps bring you the best reviews, tips, tricks, comparisons and buying advice while remaining a free and reliable resource.

Thanks for stopping by and making it this far. I genuinely appreciate it and you!

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