What is Gifts 365 Tech?

Gifts 365 Tech is a site devoted to providing reviews, comparisons, how-to’s, and more for headphones, bluetooth speakers, smartphones, video games, and tech trends. We try our very best to give an honest and accurate approach to the information posted on this site.

Who We Are

Gifts 365 Tech is written and edited by Gene Davis. I’ve been interested in tech for as long as I can remember. Growing up, family and friends would always come to me with questions about their computers, smartphones, and general tech. After years of helping out people with (what I thought to be) simple troubleshooting questions, I figured why not create a website where I can help more people with similar questions?

At Gifts 365 Tech we pride ourselves in writing thorough, well informed product reviews. To provide extra value to our readers, we also provide product comparisons and alternative suggestions for some of today’s popular gadgets. We understand that everybody doesn’t have the budget to afford the latest and greatest so providing alternatives not only allows you to indulge in your passion (and ours) for tech, but can also help save you some money.

And speaking of saving money, we have a deals page where our goal is to help you save money on great tech deals from retailers and brands across the web.