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iPhone 12 vs Mini vs Pro vs Pro Max comparison
2020 has been a really unusual year. And that’s putting it lightly. To add to the weirdness, Apple’s iPhone event, which usually takes place in September, was instead in October. It seems like Apple decided to continue this theme of being unusual by releasing 4 new iPhones to choose from instead of their usual 3. The company updated their iPhone lineup with the new iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Max. However this year, they also decided to release a fourth phone called the iPhone 12 Mini.
featurepoints review featured image
Have you ever wondered how to continue funding your habits while trying to stay on a budget? Maybe you’re already on a tight budget but wish you could make a few extra dollars to treat yourself with something extra every so often. Or you’re saving up for something and need those last few dollars to get it...
image of the what is xbox live gold featured image
Console gamers know that if you want to play games online a subscription is mandatory. But if you’re new to console gaming and are about to get into the world of Xbox by picking up either an Xbox Series X or Series S this holiday or you’ve just gotten an Xbox One X or One S and are curious about what Xbox Live Gold really is then you’re in the right place...
is xbox game pass worth it featured graphic
Gaming nowadays can be a very expensive hobby. It potentially can get even more expensive with the upcoming release of the next generation of consoles. With numerous games coming out each year, costs can add up quickly. But what if there was a service that could give you access to a size-able catalog of games for a low monthly price? 
By now, you’re probably aware the Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular video game consoles currently on the market. Earlier this year when states began to impose stay-at-home orders because of COVID-19, parents and gamers did everything they could to get their hands on the console. However , these consoles were completely sold out everywhere except on sites like eBay at prices higher than retail value...
We’re at a point now with consoles that you need a subscription to play multiplayer online with your friends. Although we are, at the time of this post, close to the release of the PlayStation 5, believe it or not there are millions of PlayStation gamers that either don’t know what PS plus is or don’t fully understand what you get with a subscription...

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