What are the Best Power Bank Chargers for iPhone?

best power bank charger for iphone pinterest pinHaving an iPhone run low on battery while away from your car or house gives everyone nightmares. Once the battery level is too low, you must restrict call time, social media use, and screen brightness. If you can’t find charging ports in an airport, on your hike, or your favorite coffee shop a low battery can cause significant stress.

A good power bank relieves these worries. The best power bank for your iPhone will allow the phone to charge more than once before your power bank needs recharging. 

Many manufacturers make pocket-sized power banks. The larger chargers, those that slip easily into your pocket, tend to provide stronger charges and multiple charges before they need recharging themselves. Some arrive equipped with more than one port to allow you to charge more than one device at a time. We will discuss the important features you should consider when choosing the charger for your phone. We will then review a few of the top choices for chargers.

So what is the best power bank charger for iPhone? 

In this buyer’s guide, we’ll recommend 5 power bank chargers we think are the best for you.

Let’s get into it.

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Before you take a look at our recommended power banks, it’s important to know what to look for when buying one.

What’s the Power Bank’s Capacity?

Power banks vary in capacity from those that provide only a single charge per use to those that charge several devices at once, including laptops. Capacity is measured in milliamp-hours (mAh). An iPhone 11 battery possesses a rated battery capacity of 3046 mAh, while the iPhone pro rates at 3190 mAh. Most power chargers will fully charge the iPhone 11 at least once.

Many power banks, even the smaller ones, have well in excess of those requirements. Some pocket-sized chargers rate at 10,000 mAh, enough to completely charge your iPhone 11 two to three times. You should aim for the largest capacity charger within your size allowance.

How Portable Is the Charger?

The size of the charger dictates what accessories you need to carry it. While some may slip into your pocket, others require a purse or briefcase. You should consider when and how you will use the charger before beginning your search. A day trip with no bags may dictate a smaller charger while traveling with luggage allows you to pack a larger charger. Larger chargers generally provide increased capacity. Remember, any charger you wish to take on to a plane must meet TSA standards.

How Many Devices Can it Charge?

The number of ports determines how many devices you can charge. While some chargers feature built-in cables, most only include the ports.

Most ports are USB-A or USB-C, although some chargers offer micro USB ports. USB-C allows for faster charging. Very few power banks provide a lightning port. To charge your iPhone from a power bank, you will need a lightning to USB-C cable or adapter, which you can buy cheaply.

How Fast Can it Charge?

Fast charging allows for a much quicker charge to your iPhone. The iPhone 11 can charge to 50% of battery capacity within 30 minutes. Your power bank must support fast charging to take advantage of this feature. Your cable must also support the fast charging standard.

When you need power in a hurry, fast charging puts you safely into the green. Keep in mind that your phone will limit the speed of the charge. If the battery’s top charging rate exceeds what the device can handle, charging will occur at the device’s speed.

The following power banks provide excellent charging capacity and flexibility. All will serve the needs of your iPhone well.

Best Portable Power Bank Chargers for iPhone

Now that we know what to look for in a power bank, let’s put that theory into practice and see how those factors play out with five of the top-rated power bank chargers on the market.

image of the okzu usb c power bank charger for iphone

The Okzu 10,000mAh USB-C Power Bank packs large capacity into a small size. Measuring 5.30 x 2.70 x 0.55 inches and weighing a scant 6.8 ounces, the power bank takes up less room than your iPhone. It easily fits into pants pockets and jacket pockets.

The Okzu power bank supports fast charging with either the Power Delivery or Quick Charge standards. It provides two ports for fast charging. Your iPhone will charge quickly due to the 18W charging power of the Okzu. At the same time, a built-in safety system prevents overheating and excessive charging.

The charger offers compatibility with the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, as well as many older versions of the iPhone. It also charges AirPods Pro, meaning you can surf the net and listen to music without worrying about running out of power.

With 10,000mAh, you can charge your devices more than once without recharging the power bank. Three ports allow for charging of multiple devices, two at high speeds. LED lights on the charger’s side let you know the battery level of the power bank, ensuring you know when it needs a charge.

What We Like:

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Who is this best for?

This power bank works best in limited-space situations. If you are flying, the device will not take up much room on the tray or in the seat pocket in front of you. If you have to be away without any bags, this charger easily slips into your pocket. It will keep your devices charged until you make it home.

The Poweradd EnergyCell 20,000 Portable Power Bank produces superior power with a small unit. Only slightly larger than the Okzu, it provides significantly more power. It measures 6.38 x 2.48 x 0.94 inches and weighs 15.6 ounces. It is thicker than your iPhone, but not much longer.

With 20,000mAh capacity, it will allow you to charge multiple devices, often more than once. Poweradd claims that this power bank charges an iPhone X approximately 5 times. It also can charge tablets and laptops. It offers one USB-C port and two USB-A ports. LED lights show the battery level of the charger.

The Poweradd EnergyCell 20000 Portable Power Bank delivers power at 18w, allowing you to fast charge your compatible iPhones, including the iPhone 11. An internal system protects your phone from the possibility of overheating or overcharging. The power back itself can be fast charged. It requires 5 hours for a full charge.

It meets TSA standards for batteries, allowing you to carry it on to a plane. It may not fit comfortably in a pants pocket but should fit into jacket pockets. It will not take up too much of your valuable space on the plane.

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Who is this best for?

This power bank works best for people with multiple devices to charge, who may be away from outlets for an extended period. It would work well at amusement parks and on airplanes, as its small size and high capacity provide for charging multiple devices more than once.

The Luxtude PowerRapid Portable Charger offers a very high charging capacity. At 26,800mAh, it can fully charge a 13” Macbook Pro 1.3 times, an Ipad Pro 2.2 times, and an iPhone X 6.3 times. It includes a 60W wall charger that recharges the power bank in 3 hours. The wall charger can also recharge other devices, including laptops. The power bank provides as much as 45w of power to your devices without plugging into the wall.

It features one USB-C port and two USB-A ports. An LED light indicates the power bank’s charge. It meets TSA requirements for batteries, allowing you to carry it on to the plane. It also includes a travel pouch.

At 7.12 x 3.1x 0.9 inches, it exceeds the size of the previous two power banks we reviewed. This power bank will likely need a bag for transport. However, you can easily use it on a plane without giving up too much space.

It provides fast charging to compatible devices. It also guards against overcharging and overheating. Luxtude offers an 18-month warranty on the charger.

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Who is this best for?

This charger fits a power user who will need to charge a laptop, phone, and potentially a tablet on a single trip. You should have a case, such as a laptop case, to carry it in as it does not fit in your pocket. If you need to work for an extended period while away from charging sources, this power bank will work well for you.

The Aukey 30,000 mAh Portable Charger sports the highest capacity of the power banks we reviewed. The 30,000mAh allows charging of almost any device you have. It also offers fast charging, claiming to charge devices to 80% full in 35 minutes. The large capacity supports laptop charging. It matches the need of your device, supporting devices as small as bluetooth headphones.

The power bank features 4 ports, including 2 USB-A ports, a USB-C port, and a micro USB port. Nestled between the ports is a flashlight. However, it appears to lack an LED battery level indicator.

Measuring 5.9” × 3.3” × 1.1”, the device is roughly the same length but considerably thicker than your iPhone. It may fit in large pants pockets but works better in a jacket pocket or laptop case. The capacity exceeds the size requirements for carry-ons, meaning that you will have to place this in a checked bag.

It accepts two inputs for recharging by using both the USB-C and micro USB port. When using both ports, the power bank recharges within 8 hours.

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Who is this best for?

This power bank works best for worksites or other locations where extended use of higher capacity devices must occur away from outlets. With the ability to power a tablet or laptop for several hours, it works well for people in the field.

The Mophie Powerstation Plus XL contains an integrated micro USB to lightning cable for charging iPhones. The tip stores inside the power bank when not in use. It also features a USB-C and USB-A port.

Its 10,000mAh capacity matches the lowest in our review. However, it advertises an extra 34 hours of battery life for smartphones and an additional seven hours of battery life for tablets. It does not provide fast charging. Unlike other power banks, it recharges wirelessly. It does not wirelessly charge devices.

Measuring 3.06 x 0.71 x 5.53 inches, it should fit in your pants or jacket pocket. The Mophie Powerstation Plus XL also meets TSA requirements for airplane use.

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Who is this best for?

This power bank serves the basic need of charging a cell phone with a low battery. It is easy to carry and has an integrated cable to charge the iPhone, meaning you can leave your cords at home.


These power banks offer portable power for multiple recharges of your devices. Each of the chargers, we reviewed, works well in different scenarios. Some power banks provide necessary charging while other power banks provide nearly all-day charging. If you spend large amounts of time away from charging sources, one of these power banks will likely suit your power needs.

I hope this post helped you find the best power bank for your iPhone. If it did please share this post with a friend! 

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