Top 13 Tech Gifts for Her This Christmas (2019 Guide)

Christmas is right around the corner, and you want to gift the special lady (or ladies) in your life something they’ll be excited about. If you’re looking to wow your girlfriend, mom, grandma, daughter, or any girl in your life this holiday season — get her some new tech gear she’ll absolutely love. Technology has the power to make her life a little easier, or at least put a smile on her face — and isn’t that what she really wants for Christmas? Here are 13 gift ideas she’d love to see under the Christmas tree. 

Garmin Smartwatch

There’s something about tracking your activity and daily progress that makes you more motivated to work out. Whether she’s already health buff or wants to kick off the upcoming new year with a healthy lifestyle change, gift her a health tracker that’ll both help her in her journey, and look good on her wrist. 

Muzen OTR Bluetooth Speaker

Not only does Muzen’s OTR bluetooth speakers relay quality sound, but they have a retro aesthetic she’ll be excited to showcase on a shelf in her bedroom. A few other highlights of this speaker include 8-10 hours of playtime, a 33 ft range, and a quick charge time. 

Macbook Air

If you’re on the hunt for a laptop for your college bound daughter or a young professional, consider gifting them a Macbook Air. They’re a little pricey, but extremely lightweight and easy to transport from point A to point B. Not to mention the True Tone retina display, 1.6GHz dual-core 8th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, and Touch ID access for extra security.

Jabra Elite Active 65t Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are essential for any woman who likes to listen to music on the go or while she works. Not only are they more comfortable to wear than over-the-ear headphones for a long period of time, but they look a lot more subtle and are easier to get active in. As an added plus for you, they’re more affordable than Powerbeats Pro by about $60 and they sound just as good. 

Record Player

Record players are making a huge comeback and for good reason — the sound quality is ten times more superior than your average speaker. So if she’s a big fan of music, give your lady something that’ll let her listen to her favorite song in a completely different way. It’s also a good gift for a mother or grandmother, who probably used to own one of these babies back in the day.

Kindle Paperwhite

If the lady in your life likes to read, the newest kindle is the best one in their product lineup so far. It’s thinner, lighter, and overall a better product from the older models. It’s also waterproof, which comes in handy if she likes to read a good book while she takes a bath, or likes to read poolside.  

Commute Laptop Sleeve

If you wouldn’t leave your home without a case on your phone, you should take the same precautions with your laptop. Especially since it’s usually a more expensive piece of equipment than a cell phone. You can find a laptop sleeve in almost any style, from solid colors for a classy look — to fun themed covers they can be creative with. 

Flower Care Smart Plant Monitor

As much as she loves her plants, it can be difficult to know exactly what they need. And it can be heartbreaking watching her sulk over the fact that she couldn’t take care of one. Stop another plant from dying and get her a plant monitor. It will keep track of water, sunlight, temperature and nutrition for her, so it’s easier than ever to keep them green, vibrant, and alive.

LED Word clock

It’s cooler than a digital clock, and easier to read than your standard wall clock. Transform any space with this LED Word Clock that spells out the time for you. It’s powered by a regular USB cord, and can virtually sit anywhere in your home with its kickstand on the backside.

iRobot Vaccum

Do you really want to take a load off her shoulders? Get her something that’ll do the dirty work for her like cleaning the floors. This robot scans every nook and cranny in your home so it can vacuum your home while it maneuvers around furniture and sharp turns. You can also program it to run on certain days, so she’ll never have to come home to dirty floors again.

Twinkle Customizable string lights LED

These dainty lights have a way of making a room feel homey, quaint, and beautiful of course. She can also customize them to specific color and light patterns so won’t have to guess if she’ll like white or colored lights more. Your favorite feature might be the timer, so you can conserve energy when she isn’t using them, and keep that electric bill low.

Blendtec Blender

Give her the power to make smoothies and beverages that compare in tastiness to Jamba Juice or Starbucks with a Blend Tech. It’s the same blender you’ll see commercial businesses use when they want to make quality drinks in an efficient time. You can also make soups, dressings, ice cream, and more — if you can believe it or not — all with just one versatile tool. 

Instax Fuji Camera

With an Instax Fuji polaroid camera, she can capture moments of loved ones, scenery, basically anything she wants — and receive a printed physical copy within seconds. Anyone can take photos on an iPhone or Android, but there’s something special about a photo taken with a polaroid. Plus, the photos make for great wall decorations.