How to Transfer Data and Saves From PS4 to PS4 Pro Easy

You upgraded to a new PlayStation 4 Pro from your standard PS4 Slim. But you’re wondering how to transfer your data from one console to another. It seems like a time-consuming task, let alone a confusing one.

Fortunately for you, it’s simple.

In this post, I’m going to show you how you can move all your data and games from your old PlayStation 4 onto your new PS4 Pro or new standard PS4 Slim wirelessly.

Before we get into the process, let’s first go over some things you should know.

What Can Be Transferred from Ps4 to PS4 or PS4 Pro?

All game data including PlayStation Store games, apps, install data, saved game data, screenshots, user profiles, settings, themes, and videos, can be transferred.

Trophy data will transfer over but, not during the initial transfer process listed below. You’ll need to sync all trophy data before the transfer. Just view your trophies on your original PS4 console while connected to the internet. The trophies will then sync to the cloud.

What Can’t Be Transferred from Ps4 to PS4 Pro?

You can’t transfer any password data from your PSN, Netflix, Hulu or Amazon will not. you will need to re-enter these on your new console.

How Long Does it Take to Transfer Data From PS4 to PS4 or PS4 Pro?

The time it takes to transfer all your data varies from person to person. And it depends on a couple of things — your internet connection and speed and the size of your data. For some people, it can take as little as 45 minutes and others it can take several hours.

Can my PSN Account be Primary on two PS4 Systems?

No. You must select one console to be the Primary system for your account. On your primary system, you and all other users can play anything you’ve downloaded, with no limitations.

What Do I need to Transfer My Data?

To perform the transfer all you need is an Ethernet cable and an internet connection. If you’re unsure what an Ethernet cable is, it’s a cable that devices use to share files and other data between each other.

You can buy these cables for cheap from eBay and Amazon. You can also find ethernet cables at any local Best Buy or other electronics store in your area.

Before starting, you’ll want to make sure that both PS4’s are on the latest firmware. Also, make sure that both consoles connect to the same WiFi signal.

Let’s Begin.

How to Transfer Your Data from a PS4 to PS4 Pro


Step 1: Set Up the New PS4 Console

If you haven’t already, hook and set up the new PS4 console like you normally would.

Turn on the PlayStation 4 Pro, or another PS4 console you plan on transferring data to and go through the initial setup process.

When you’re at the console dashboard, head on over to the Settings Tab > System > Transfer data from another PS4.

Step 2: Sign Into Your PSN Account

Sign in to your PlayStation Network ID. It will recognize that your account is on a new console. You should be asked whether you want to set the new PS4 as the primary console. Then you should be asked to transfer your data.

Check out our guide on changing your PSN name.

Step 3: Prep Your old PS4

When asked if you have another ps4 you can transfer all the data from the old ps4 to the new one, Press or click Transfer Data From Another PS4. Then when prompted, turn on your old PS4 and Click Next.

Wait for the new console to detect the old one. When detected, press the power button on the old console for one second until you hear a “beep”.

When prompted, connect the consoles using the Ethernet cable. Follow any instructions provided on the screen. Your old console will reboot during this stage.

Step 4: Set Up the Transfer Between Consoles

On this step, you’ll want to to select what data you want to transfer over. The options you have are:

  • Apps
  • Saved Data
  • Captures
  • Themes
  • Settings

I recommend transferring everything over in one go.

At this stage, you’ll see the amount of space left on the new console. You’ll also find an estimated amount of time the transfer will take to complete.

When finished, click Next.

Note: Data will not erase from your old PlayStation 4 after transferring the data. If you plan on selling your old PS4, you’ll have to completely wipe it clean.

Step 5: Start the Transfer

The moment we’ve been waiting for. Press the Start Transfer. Both consoles should restart. Then you’ll see a progress bar on the screen showing the progress of the transfer.

Transfer times will be different from person to person so be patient.

Note: If you have a used PS4 console that still has old data on it, the new data will replace the old information. I recommend saving old data onto an external storage device.

*Step 6: Troubleshooting

Some users report that after the transfer was successful, they weren’t able to play digital copies of their games. A tiny padlock icon shows on the app.

To fix this, check to see if you activated your console as the primary PS4 by going to Settings > Account Management > Activate as Primary PS4.

If it says it’s already activated as the primary, deactivate it, and then activate it again. Back out to the home screen and that should remove the padlock.


*Optional step if you’re experiencing any difficulties after the data transfer.

That’s it! Hopefully, you found this guide helpful. If you did, please share with your friends.