iPhone X Accessories – The Best 11 Accessories for Your iPhone X


You just got your brand new iPhone X. The new features make the phone almost perfect but it seems to fall short. Of course a case is a no brainer but in this article we list some cool accessories that will help take your new iPhone X experience to the next level.


Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone X

With the new wireless charging ability in the new iPhone 8/8 Plus & iPhone X, you might be eager to try it out. There are a lot of wireless chargers out there and some may not be compatible with your phone. The new iPhones use the industry qi (chi) standard for wireless charging so make sure to look out for wireless chargers with the word “Qi” in the title/description. Here are just a few recommendations to get you started.

RavPower Wireless Charger for iPhone and AndroidRAVPower Fast Wireless Charger for iPhone X / iPhone 8 / 8 Plus

The RAVPower fast wireless charger is the first pick on the list. It has a nice metal build quality to it with rubber grips on the bottom to prevent it from sliding around on slick surfaces. Whats more, it also has rubber material on the top surface so your (already slick) iPhone X won’t slide around while charging. Also, the RAVPower charging pad is compact meaning it will fit nicely on just about any crowded or small surface such as a nightstand or small desk.

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iPhone X Battery Case

ZTESY iPhone X Battery Case

ZTESY iPhone X Battery Case

Since the iPhone X’s size is comparable to the iPhone 7 and 8, it only has room for a smaller battery which unfortunately doesn’t compare to the plus variants of the 7 and 8. Power users will want to pick up a battery case such as the Ztesy battery case or the ALCLAP battery case to get them through the day. What makes the ZTESY case unique is the kickstand feature built in for easy viewing while your phone is charging. The ALCLAP case, on the other hand, has a built-in magnetic feature that works with many magnetic car mount phone holders. The ZTESY battery case has a bigger battery than the ALCLAP case but both are great options for your phone.

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Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Beats Studio 3 Headphones

Beats Studio 3

It’s weird to see Beats on the list considering the brand’s quality in the past, but Beats have come a long way and with the Beats Studio 3s, they make some surprising gains. The first is battery life. Battery life with the Studio 3s clocks in around 22 hours on a single charge and up to 40 hours with active noise canceling turned off! If that isn’t impressive enough, these headphones have a fast charging feature that will get you 3 hours of playback on only a 10-minute charge. The drawbacks, however, is once the battery is dead, they don’t function as passive headphones and the price. These will cost you a bit but we think they’re worth the price for what you’re getting and since Apple bought Beats, they work seamlessly with iPhones and are a bit more battery and Bluetooth efficient thanks to their W1 Chip.

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Sennheiser HD 4.50 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Sennheiser HD 4.50 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Looking for some cheaper Bluetooth wireless headphones? The Sennheiser HD 4.50s are over-ear Bluetooth headphones that have active noise canceling capability. These headphones will work with your iPhone or any other Bluetooth enabled device and have a battery life around 20-25 hours depending on the active noise canceling feature. Sennheiser is pretty reliable when it comes to build and sound quality and with their ANC feature, these make for a good set of headphones for traveling or if you want just want to block outside noises and have some quiet time. The 4.50s are also collapsable headphones so it adds more convenience. Are you one of the few still using the headphone jack? The HD 4.50s come with a 3.5mm cable to plug into the 3.5mm adapter for your iPhone giving you more ways to play your favorite tunes or podcast.

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Jaybird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headphones

Jaybird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset

Looking for something a bit smaller or a pair of workout headphones? The Jaybird X3s are a great fit for any workout buff. These workout headphones are sweat and water resistant with fins to give a secure fit in the ears. The X3s have 3 sets of ear tips as well as 3 sets of fins inside the package for each ear size. These buds have an inline remote control with a built-in microphone to control playback of your tracks as well as answer phone calls. Battery life for the X3s will run you about 8 hours on a single charge and comes with a dedicated charging cable. Prices hover around $130 dollars however they have been seen to drop as low as $80 to $100 so check the link for the price.

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Adapter for iPhone X

Belkin 3.5mm Audio & Charge Rockstar Adapter

Belkin’s 3.5 mm Audio + Charge RockStar

Since Apple got rid of the headphone jack, it makes it difficult for people who like to listen to music to charge their phone and listen to music through their headphones or speakers at the same time. Luckily Belkin has the answer for this… the Belkin Audio + Charge Rockstar. With this nifty adapter, you can charge your phone through one port, and connect to your stereo via the AUX input port. It’s MFI certified and is compatible with most Apple products running iOS 9 or later. There are two different versions of this adapter, one that has two female lightning ports (pictured above), and one that has one female lightning port and a 3.5mm AUX input which you can find here. The design fits right in with all of your other apple accessories because it looks like a product created by Apple. The link for the AUX input version can be found here.

3.5mm Aux version

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Protective iPhone X Cases

Speck Presidio Grip iPhone X Case

Speck Presidio Grip

The Speck Presidio Grip iPhone X case is our recommendation for a stylish yet slightly rugged case that will offer great protection. The Presidio Grip advertises up to 10 feet on the drop test scale. The grip comes from the pattern designs along the sides of the case providing a nice grip on your phone. There is just enough thickness in the case to provide protection but not so thick that it prevents wireless charging while on your iPhone X. Button cutouts are responsive without having to press too deep.


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Totallee iPhone X Case

Totallee iPhone X Case

If you are looking for a case that keeps the slim design of the iPhone X, the Totallee iPhone X case is for you. The case itself is really thin so it won’t add any unnecessary bulk to your phone or pocket. The case has precise cutouts for the volume, camera, speaker and lightning port, as well as a pretty nice power button cover. This is also a perfect option if you find the iPhone X’s body a bit too slippery in the hand. Due to its thin design, it will not interfere with wireless charging. The drawback with this case is due to the fact it is really thin. It may not protect the iPhone X fully from drops or scratches so keep in mind this is for those that want a bit more grip and minor protection to dust and scratches. The Totallee case comes in many different colors which you can find here.


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Spigen Wallet S iPhone X Case

Spigen Wallet S

Fans of wallet cases, we haven’t forgotten about you. The Spigen Wallet S is a great wallet case for those on the go. It has a nice magnetic clasp to keep the cover shut. Inside, there is space for up to 3 cards as well as a pocket behind those card slots to store some cash. With most wallet cases, you don’t want to stuff too many cards or you risk adding bulk to your phone. The Wallet S also has a cutout for the receiver so you can take calls with the flap closed over the iPhone X. The flap can also work as a stand to prop your phone up when watching Youtube or streaming videos. If this case wasn’t unique already, it has a built-in magnetic plate for compatible air vent mounts that use magnets to hold your phone.

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iPhone X Screen Protector

Protection is probably the most important thing when it comes to the care of your new iPhone X. Sure you can get most of your protection with a good phone case, however, the iPhone X’s screen is just as important. Without Apple’s AppleCare+, you’re looking at a whopping $279 to replace the screen! To protect your phone (and your wallet) from damage, here are a couple of recommendations.

amFilm iPhone X Screen ProtectoramFilm Screen Protector

The amFilm tempered glass screen protector by Techmatte is a solid option for an affordable price. They have a 9H rating for hardness that will help protect against scratches as well as durability. The glass maintains a clear viewing experience, unlike some other protectors that tend to dull the clarity of the screen. Also, it’s only .3mm thick so it won’t interfere with 3D touch. Installation is pretty straightforward and they are kind enough to provide an installation tray in the box to assist with screen protector application. This screen protector doesn’t cover the bezels just the initial screen however if you’ve owned an iPhone in the past and used any screen protector with it, this is pretty common. The amFilm screen protector will run you about $8 at the time of this post and will get 3 screen protectors in the pack.

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iPhone Charging Cable

Native Union BELT Cable X for iPhone XNative Union BELT Cable X

Anyone used to having iPhones knows how frustrating it is when your charging cable begins to fray after many uses. To solve that issue, our recommendation is the Native Union Belt Cable. The Native Union Belt Cable is an ultra strong braided cable with great flexibility and durability so you won’t have to worry about fraying ends of your charging cable. This cable is also tangle free with a strap to neatly wrap your cable up to take on the go. Not only is it compatible with the iPhone X, 8/8 Plus, but it is also compatible with most iPhones dating back tot he iPhone 5, the iPad Pro, iPad Air, Air 2, iPad mini, and a host of other Apple products that use the lightning connector.

The Native Union Cable comes in several different colors as well as different lengths.


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