Tribit XFree Tune Wireless Headphones Review

Should you spring for the Tribit wireless headphones, or pass on them? Find out in this review


Upon first impression, the XFree Tune Headphones don’t look luxury, but they don’t look like your run-of-the-mill wireless headphones either. They went with a more classic design; black with silver accents and a matte like finish. We think they’re simple, yet tasteful. 

The ear cups are comfortable and completely cover your ear, so you can keep the headphones on for long periods of time without feeling bothered by them. 

On the right ear cup you’ll find the volume controls, the “MFB” or power button, microphone, and charging port. On the left is the auxiliary plug in, which comes included in your packaging. 

Tribit XFree Tune – Sound Quality 

If I was to rate the sound quality of Tribit XFree Tune headphones on a scale from 1-10, I”d give it a 6-7. Is it good when you’re mindlessly listening to music, or just need some background noise? Yes, absolutely. I actually think the best time to use these headphones are while you work, study, or tidy up around the house.

If you’re a stickler on sound quality though, these headphones may be subpar. First off, we weren’t stoked on the bass in these headphones, or should we say lack thereof. I listened to “Smoke Again” from Acid Rap by Chance The Rapper, one of my go-to songs when I’m in the mood to have music rumble through my speakers. Let’s just say the headphones did not do it justice. With that being said, it’s not non existent. So if you’re someone who listens to music that’s not bass heavy, like country for example, you might not mind.

There are a few other minor things I noticed as well. In some songs, you can notice a faint static sound in the background. It’s not prominent, and you probably won’t notice it too much. I just thought it was something worth mentioning. Also, every once in a while when you power on your headphones, the voice that says “power on, pairing” is a little distorted. Again, not a huge deal and it doesn’t happen every time, but I could see how some people might be turned off by that.

You’re able to take phone calls with these headphones, but you’d probably be better off if you didn’t to be honest. The quality of the other person’s voice is alright, but the main issue is how you sound to the other person. These headphones amplifies the background noise of wherever you are times 10. There were a few people around me in a fast food joint where I was testing these out, and the person on the other line could hear those around me almost as loud as they could hear me. It’s incredibly distracting. So unless you’re in a silent room, we don’t suggest you use this feature often.

Bluetooth Signal on the Tribit XFree Tune Headphones

The bluetooth signal on Tribit’s XFree Tune Wireless headphones is okay, but nothing to write home about. They use bluetooth 4.1 technology, and according to the owner’s manual, the signal can go up to 10 meters (32 ft). I tested this out when I took a bathroom break at work. I accidentally left my phone at my desk, and when I went across the room to use the bathroom it started getting spotty. So we suggest you keep your device on you when you use these headphones.   

Tribit XFree Tune’s Battery Life

One thing we really like about these headphones is its battery life. The company claims it can last up to 40 hours, but it depends on the audio you’re listening to and how loud it is. So to be safe, we’re going to say it’s probably a little less than that. Regardless, you could listen to these suckers for a day and a half straight before you needed to charge them, and that’s awesome. 

They suggest you fully charge your headphones before you use them for the first time, like you would with most electronic devices. They take about 3-4 hours to fully charge. Many headphones I’ve tested will let you know if your battery is on low, medium, or high. So I was a little surprised when I turned these headphones on for the first time, and I didn’t hear that battery life indicator. If you want to check up on how much juice your headphones have, you’ll have to check on your device. 

Additional Features

After getting through all the important stuff, we want to note a few other things I really like about these headphones.

  • You can activate Siri without using your device. All you have to do is press and hold the volume “-” and “+” button simultaneously for one second, and you’ll hear Siri’s familiar ding through your ear cups. 
  • We mentioned how Tribit includes an audio cable with your packaging, which means you’re not limited to the wireless mode. You can plug in the aux cord whenever you’re low on battery, when you want to connect with a device without bluetooth capabilities, or just because.  
  • Last thing I want to note is that you can pair your headphones with two devices at the same time. This comes in handy if your headphones are connected to your computer and you get a call you want to take. 


So who should or should not purchase the Tribit XFree Tune Wireless Headphones? This is what I think. If you’re on a budget, or you’re not a huge stickler about audio quality, we think these headphones will do just fine. They have a long battery life, they look good, and they have a bluetooth and wire mode. 

If you want your headphones to sound almost as good as your vinyl record player, my honest opinion is that you explore different headphones.


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