Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones Review

Are Studio3 headphones worth the money, or are they overhyped? Find out what we think in this review.

What’s New with the Studio3 Headphones?

Beats By Dre kept everyone waiting with anticipation for the next product in the Beats Studio lineup, and folks, we’re not disappointed. There are a few new updates to the Studio3 headphones that make them far more superior than the Studio2 we were introduced to several years ago. 

  • Pure Adaptive Noise Cancelling (Pure ANC)
  • Longer battery life with fast charge capabilities
  • Apple W1 Chip for effortless pairing with iOS devices
  • Top of the line bluetooth technology


Height: 7.2 in / 184 cm

Weight: 9.17 oz / 260 g

Comes boxed with:

  • Beats Stuido3 headphones case
  • 3.5mm RemoteTalk cable
  • USB charging chord
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Card

Beats Studio3 Design

Of course one thing we’ve come to expect with any Beats product is an appealing design, and the Studio3 headphones aren’t any different. There are a total of 17 color schemes you can choose from to compliment its polished look. Yes they’re over the ear headphones, but they sit more on top of your ear instead of completely covering them. This wasn’t too bothersome though, because they’re seemingly more comfortable than the Studio2 headphones. Like most headphones, you can fold them into a compact size so they’re easy to take on the go for travel, work, or anywhere else you please. The one place we wouldn’t recommend you use these headphones is the gym. These headphones are too bulky and will get a little hot if you work up a sweat.

The one thing we don’t love about these headphones is the lack of distinct markings, so it makes it more difficult to identify the controls. With that being said, basically everything is done using the iconic “B” button on the ear cup, like playing music or answering phone calls. This will either be really convenient for you, or confusing and unnecessary. 

Beats Studio3 – Noise Cancellation

Beats Studio3 Pure Adaptive Noise Cancellation technology makes it so all other noise is virtually non-existent, besides the tunes playing through your headphones. Let’s put it this way. These headphones were tested out in an apartment right above a popular dance club/bar in downtown Sacramento. Without the Beats Studio3 headphones on, it sounded like there was a party with a 200 person guest-list happening next door. When I put them on, the only thing I could hear was Childish Gambino’s unmatched wordsmithing. 

To be more technical, the headphones are measuring your audio up to 50,000 times per second. They’re constantly adapting to your surroundings to increase or decrease noise cancellation, to make sure you’re getting crystal clear sound whether you’re on the train for your morning commute, or you’re studying inside a library. If at any moment you want to go without the noise cancelling feature, you can easily turn it off. All you have to do is double press the power button while your headphones are connected to your device, and you’re all set.

Sound Quality

If you’re going to pay around $300 or more for a pair of headphones, you probably expect second-to-none sound quality. So we were pleased to find the sound emanating from Studio3 is crisp, clean, and up to our standard. When we played hip-hop, the bass rumbled through the ear cups. When we played EDM, the electric guitar riffs were quite literally music to our ears. We do want to note they get startlingly loud. So loud that we can’t even think of one situation where you’ll need to turn the volume up that high, but we have to admit it’s nice to have the option. 

Beats Studio3 Headphone ear cup design

We mentioned before how you’re able to make and answer phone calls using the Studio, and we thought the call quality was actually pretty good. It wasn’t as good as the connection is on your phone, but it sounded higher quality than say, talking on speaker phone. You hang up the phone with the multifunctional “B” button, so just be careful not to accidentally press it while you’re having a conversation. 

Do we think they’re so high quality that Dre uses this in his studio to make music? We’re highly doubtful. Do we think they’re perfectly acceptable for your everyday person, or even your friendly audio buff? We do.

Battery Life

If we were to rate how good we think the battery life is on the Studio3 on a scale from 1-10, we give it a 10 without hesitation. According to the company, they will last up to 40 hours on one charge with Pure ANC off, and 22 hours with Pure ANC on. If you’re in a hurry, a quick 10-minute charge will leave you with three hours of battery. This makes these headphones especially great for travel, or a long day at work.  

Additional Features

The bluetooth technology on the Beats Studio3 headphones makes it possible for you to listen to music without having your device attached to your hip. After putting it to the test, we found it could go about 150ft before the signal gets interrupted if you’re inside, and approximately 210 ft if you’re inside. 

There is a gauge on the headphones similar to your car’s gas tank that shows you how much charge is left on your battery. All you have to do is tap the power button, and you’ll see the fuel lights on the right ear cup pop up. 

You can also activate Siri from your headphones. Hold down the “B” button and wait for a ding, like you would on your iPhone. Once you hear it, you have the green light to ask Siri whatever you wish.

We want to give an honorable mention to a feature you won’t see listed on Beats website, but we actually think it’s kind of cool. When you’re on the phone with somebody, you have the ability to talk to them and listen to music at the same time. It lowers the volume of the music playing so you can still hear the other person talking, but we think it’s a great feature if you’re on hold with somebody, or if you’re trying to drown out unwanted sound like nagging from your parents.


So is it worth it to drop $300-$350 on a pair of beats Studio3 headphones? If you’re not a price conscious buyer and money isn’t an issue, then yes. Especially if you take advantage of its noise cancelling feature, we think you’ll get your money’s worth.

If your only intention is to find a solid pair of headphones you can use working out, or just as background noise, you can definitely find a more affordable pair of headphones that’ll get the job done. 


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