Playstation 5: Here’s Everything We Know

Get Pricing, Specs, Release info and more!

People around the world have been waiting on the edge of their seats for information on Sony’s next generation consoles.

I know I have.

In this post, you’ll find details regarding everything we know about playstation 5 including the console’s design, specs, available games, pricing, release date and more. So read on to find out what you need to know about Sony’s Playstation 5 (PS5) console and start planning which console to get, games to buy, and accessories to help enhance your next gen gaming experience.

Sony’s Playstation 5 console is the ninth-generation version of their video game console. There will be 2 variations of the console that will have the same specs with minor differences.

Sony PlayStation 5 Design

The PS5 has a striking new design that leaves behind the black box design for a tall, narrow, and overall white console with a black middle with blue highlight lighting and attractive curves. One look at this design, and the first thought that may come to your mind may be a wireless router. 

This isn’t a bad thing since first impressions of new consoles can look a bit weird but overall, it’s an attractive design. This time the Playstation console comes in two variations.

  • Disc Version – Comes with an Ultra HD Blu-Ray disc drive which was absent from the PS4 console but found on the Xbox One X.
  • Digital Edition – Features the same design minus the disc drive.

The major upgrades over the last generation Playstation 4 are under the hood.

Everything We Know About Playstation 5: Specs

We’re slightly getting into nerd territory with the specs but it’s worth discussing.

At Sony’s PS5 reveal earlier this year, the company revealed the beefed up internals of the console. For regular folks wondering, here are the major takeaways:

The New SSD

When it comes to storage, the PS5 will feature an 825GB SSD drive.

This is huge for several reasons.

First, and most obvious, this is the first time a Playstation console will have native SSD storage built into the device. Even better, it means games will load much faster than previous generation consoles which opens up new features such as suspending multiple games at once and going back into a suspended game without having to completely load it back up from the start.

The good things don’t stop there. With an SSD drive, it allows Developers more flexibility to create larger worlds in games without being limited by outdated equipment. Also, data management will be more efficient by loading only what’s needed rather than loading a bunch of data into the system’s RAM all at once with the potential of not using all of said data. 

To put it simply, you’ll visibly see less loading of textures in game when entering new areas and shorter load screen times.


Under the hood, the Playstation 5 will sport a custom eight-core AMD Zen 2 CPU and Radeon GPU. The main takeaway for the new CPU and GPU pairing is that it will handle backwards compatibility of PS4 games and handle the new addition of ray tracing which in a nutshell will add realistic shadows and create more realistic renders of characters and environments.

3D Audio Tech

Sony’s new console will now support what they’re calling 3D Audio. This new addition will present game audio such as voices, footsteps, environmental noises, etc, as if they were happening either in front, behind, the sides, below, or even above you. Think of it as a kind of surround sound that has the potential of sounding immersive…even more so with the right audio setup.

If you want to know more of the technical know-how of the PS5’s CPU & GPU, SSD, 3D Audio, and more click here.

What PS5 Accessories Are There?

Image Credit: Sony

As with console launches in the past, Sony is also coming out with accessories to enhance the next-gen gaming experience. These accessories include:

  • Media Remote
  • HD Camera
  • Pulse 3D Wireless Headset
  • DualSense controller

The New PS5 DualSense Controller

Sony’s DualSense Controller is a big change from the black controllers we’re used to seeing in the past. You’ll even notice they’ve gotten rid of the DualShock name. Now we’re introduced to a rounded, white controller that honestly looks less intimidating in terms of design. 

Besides the change in name and design, there’s also upgraded HD vibration controls called haptic feedback which is supposed to give more realistic rumbles when walking, or bumping into objects and a more realistic feel when pulling the trigger of a gun which they are calling adaptive triggers.

everything we know about playstation 5 dualsense controller

The biggest change of all is the built in microphones in the controller itself which will allow you to talk with friends. This is a big departure as the previous two generation consoles came with a cheap plastic earpiece with a built in mic. We’ll have to wait and see how well this really works.

PS5 Backward Compatibility: Games & Accessories

Something that gamers, including myself, have been wondering is if the Playstation 5 will have backwards compatibility with previous generation games. Overall it will be backwards compatible but only with PS4 games. PS3, PS2, and PSX games will unfortunately not make the cut. Sony has also said that almost all of the top 100 PS4 games will be fully compatible at launch. 

If you’re like me, and  still have  a stack of physical PS4 games sitting somewhere in your room collecting dust, you can dust those bad boys off and enjoy a replay. That is if you’re planning on springing for the disc version of the PS5 console.

Along with backwards compatible games, Sony has also introduced backwards compatibility with the DualShock 4 controllers. There is a catch with this however and that is, they’ll only work when you’re playing PS4 games on the new hardware. Any time you’re playing PS5 games, the PS4 DualShock controller won’t work.

Backwards compatibility also extends to any previously bought licensed racing wheels, arcade or flight sticks. These accessories will also function similarly to the PS4 controller. Last but not least, headsets with a USB connection or the DualShock 4 audio jack will work on the PS5.

What Games are coming to PS5?

As of this post, these are the confirmed first party and third party titles gamers can expect. These games include but aren’t limited to:

And more…

To see a more complete list, check out this PS5 games list.

How Much Will the PS5 Cost?

Sony has confirmed the price of its latest consoles. Gamers looking to adopt the all digital lifestyle can get the digital edition for $399.99 while those looking to go the more traditional route, like myself, can buy the disc version for $499.99.

While these are a bit more expensive than the price of the PS4 at launch back in 2013, this is aggressive pricing for Sony to compete with Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Series X and S consoles.

As of this post, Pre-orders for the PS5 will go live September 17, 2020 however some retail stores have begun accepting pre-orders. You can check availability through the links below.

What Is The PS5’s Release Date?

In case you are one of the unlucky few that couldn’t secure a pre-order, the Playstation 5 will release on November 12, 2020 to the following regions…

  • US
  • Japan
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • South Korea

Regions not listed above will be able to buy the PS5 on November 19, 2020.


The PS5 is the next generation of console gaming and there are many reasons to pick one up on Day 1. From a solid lineup of games available at launch, to the compatibility of PS4 games and accessories, there seems to be enough here to keep you busy.

With the inclusion of a digital edition, it caters to the growing adopters of gamers who like purchasing games digitally while still taking care of gamers who still prefer purchasing physical copies of games. Whatever your preference, Sony has something for you with these two consoles.