What Is Playstation Plus? Everything You Need to Know

We’re at a point now with consoles that you need a subscription to play multiplayer online with your friends. 
Although we are, at the time of this post, close to the release of the PlayStation 5, believe it or not there are millions of PlayStation gamers that either don’t know what PS plus is or don’t fully understand what you get with a subscription. 
So, If you’re thinking about getting a PlayStation 4 or already have one, but are considering getting PlayStation Plus, we’ve got all the information you need to decide whether PlayStation Plus is the best choice for you.

PlayStation Plus is an optional subscription service that offers subscribers exclusive features like online multiplayer, store discounts and other great benefits, for a monthly or annual charge.

What Are the Benefits of Having Playstation Plus?

Gamers who choose to subscribe to PlayStation Plus, will benefit from the following perks…

Online Multiplayer

The most obvious feature on this list. Players planning on playing online with your friends, have no choice but to get a Playstation Plus subscription. While this is mandatory, there are some exceptions to this. 
Free-to-Play games such as DC Universe Online and Fortnite, don’t require a PS Plus subscription to play. Also, games who have their own subscription service, such as Final Fantasy XIV or Elder Scrolls Online, don’t require a Playstation Plus membership to play.

Free Games Every Month For Plus Members

Each month, Sony releases a couple of games for free to PS Plus members. Once the next month comes, the Playstation Store updates the roster of free games. Members who haven’t downloaded the games during the games respective free month, will be out of luck and will not not be able to get those games for free. 
Gamers can redeem the PS plus games from either the PlayStation Store website, the Playstation 4 console, or from the PlayStation app. Once redeemed, the game is available for download and to play on that account forever so long as the player is an active PS Plus subscriber.
One thing to keep in mind,
you can only download these free games while a Playstation Plus subscription is active. If you cancel your subscription or let it run out, you can’t play any of the PS plus games that’ve been downloaded during the duration of the membership. 
However, if you have to temporarily let your membership go, you can renew it again and gain access to all of the games you’ve downloaded through PS Plus.
This by itself is a great perk. If you’re a budget conscious gamer and you don’t have the money to buy games at full price, it can be a great way to expand your gaming library every month.

Online Cloud Storage for Game Saves

Once a PS Plus member, 100GB of cloud storage is available to use to upload game save data. The PS4 should automatically upload saves to the cloud by default.
This is a really good feature to backup all of your progress across games in case of the unfortunate event your console dies, or you happen to be upgrading from a Slim model to a Pro model, you can easily access your save data and continue where you left off.

Share Play

The next benefit players get with PS Plus is Playstation’s Share Play.
Share play is like virtual couch co-op but instead of playing games with friends on the couch, gamers can stream what’s on their PS4 to their friend’s PS4 which then lets them either watch what their doing, playing, or even play the game themselves without owning the game.

Exclusive Deals on the Playstation Store

Another benefit from this membership is access to exclusive deals on games in the Playstation Store. 
How this works is when a member signs up for a PS Plus subscription, they can go to the Playstation Store through the smartphone app or on their console and browse Sony’s list of available games. If a game has a yellow PS Plus sign available, that means a discount is available. 
The discount itself is around 10% or so which by itself might not be much if you’re looking to buy a big budget title, however it stacks with Sony’s Store sales that occur every so often. 
This has the potential to be really beneficial for players who have already converted to digital downloads or are thinking of switching to digitally downloading games. Also this and the free games every month alone could potentially make the cost of a membership worth it. 
Plus (see what I did there)
Games purchased during sales with an active membership, remain yours to keep even if you cancel or let your membership expire. 

How Much is a Playstation Plus Membership?

Pricing is pretty straightforward. There are 3 different PS Plus subscription tiers to choose from…
      • One Month = $9.99
      • 3-Month = $24.99
      • 12 Month = $59.99
Compared to the Nintendo Switch Online subscription, these prices are pretty expensive. But, with almost any subscription model, going with the annual plan usually saves the most money.
Once you pay for any tiered membership, You can’t cancel your membership and expect to get your money back if you change your mind. So if you’re still reluctant to commit to a plan but you still want to test the service out, you can give it a test drive with a 14 day free trial to see if this service is really beneficial to you. 

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Is PS Plus Worth It?

In short, yes PS Plus is worth it. But it really depends on what kind of player you are.
From my experience, this subscription, along with the additional benefits, has helped save me a lot of money on games that have been on my list to play as well as exposed me to other games I probably wouldn’t have thought about buying. I’m not exactly a frequent online multiplayer gamer, however I still find the other benefits worth it to hold on to my annual subscription. 
If you happen to be a niche player that only plays sports games, or only has a Playstation console just for Call of Duty, then this might not be worth it for you.