How To: Sign Up and Earn Rewards With FeaturePoints

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FeaturePoints is an app available for iOS and android where you download free apps and accumulate points that can easily be exchanged for rewards. These rewards range from paid apps from either iTunes or Google Play’s app store, gift cards, Paypal cash, and a variety of prizes.

This App is free to use. From my time using this app, they never request any form of payment or fees. It hosts new apps daily for you to download and each have their own instructions. The instructions can range from using an app for 30 seconds to 2 minutes, creating a profile for the particular app (generally free trials), etc. The best part about this app is that once you try these apps and claim your points, you don’t have to keep them on your phone. You can simply just delete them and move on to the next.

Featurepoints is probably one of my favorite cash apps. I like to find different apps to use for productivity or to find simple games to play and kill time.

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Featurepoints is open to everyone worldwide with just about any mobile device (Iphone/Ipad/Android Smartphones to name a few)

How to Get Started with FeaturePoints

The following steps will help you get set up with your own featurepoints account.

If you’ve done some searching and you come across a bunch of youtube videos and pages with any variation of feature points hack or “hack” in the title, they are all false. There are no such hacks with Featurepoints. This is just a way for people to get a bunch of referrals.

How To Join Featurepoints App For iOS

STEP 1: Go to Featurepoints Website

Go to The Feature points website using your safari browser on your iDevice


type “” in your safari browser on your iDevice

STEP 2: Sign Up for Account

Click the “Start Earning Rewards” button.


**Ive had this app for a few years and at the time I used it they made you install a profile on your iPhone. The profile is completely harmless. If it doesn’t require you to install one then move on to step 3.**

STEP 3: Enter Featurepoints Referral code

At the pop up box, enter my feature points referral code “PAUHAU” and get a 50 point signup bonus to get you started. (it will come in handy)

**Don’t skip this section to add the referral code as this is the one and only time you will be able to add one. If you skip, then you won’t get the 50 bonus signup points**

STEP 4: Complete Featurepoints Tutorial

After signup, follow the brief tutorial on downloading apps. The prompts should walk you through how to download your first app and instructions on how to get the points. It’s really easy.

STEP 5: Add Featurepoints To Home Screen

To make things easier for you to access the featurepoints website, hit the “share” button at the bottom of the safari browser and tap “add to home screen”. Now this makes it easier to access your account each and every time you want to start downloading more apps as there is no dedicated app in the iOS app store.

That’s it. You’re on your way to earning your first reward!

If you want to earn more points, then share the feauture points video with facebook, twitter, messenger, etc., from within the featurepoints app. You can also share your own referral code/link (found in the “Earn More” tab) with friends, family, and social media. Referring someone to use your code results in earning 50% of their points for life!

How To Get FeaturePoints Rewards?

Here is a quick look at the current rewards offered through the feature points app. They are constantly adding to the growing list of prizes. Back when I first started, they had a few iTunes apps to choose from as well as Paypal and Amazon gift cards. Now they have expanded and included a wider range of prizes! The Paypal gift cards range from $3 all the way up to $1000! I personally have never made it to $1000 but at one point I did get a $100 Paypal reward after saving up my points.

You claim a reward by selecting one of the prizes. A pop up will appear on the prize selected and from there you select the amount you want. Once selected, they will send you an email letting you know your reward is being processed and then you should eventually receive a digital code to redeem your prize.

The majority of the rewards ($100+) do not always show up in your email automatically as they need some time to process depending on the amount. For example, if you happen to get $100 and up for either Paypal or Amazon, it can take up to 48 hours (sometimes longer) to be able to fully process the whole amount.

The above screenshot is proof of my $100 PayPal payout.

As you can see, they have awesome payout options.

Note: Feature points rewards vary by country! If your country is not in the list, simply select “Worldwide” and you can redeem your points for cash.

And that is pretty much all there is to Featurepoints. If you have any questions, check out the featurepoints FAQ.